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Before I could start this website I have been reading en watching en been reading and watching and procrastinating like a pro. I want to share these because they may help you or at lease are entertaining. (or go watch my YouTube favorites)

Some websites/podcast an youtubers I think are worth watching and/or reading

The Minimalist  Josgh and Ryan telling it like it is from their own experience.
Courtney Carver Best known for her 33 piece wardrobe (I have a long way to go)
Lewis Howes When in need of inspiration always a interview with a interesting person

The good life project The Podcast where it al started for me, my introduction to inspirational Podcasts and especially the Podcasts with Erica Napollitana and Brene Brown . 


Image borrowed from the internet, is it yours please let me know so I can link to your portfolio or website. 

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