The Life of Stuff by Susannah Walker.

Because I was early for a meeting, I wondered into a bookstore to find a book to kill some time with. I love to read while waiting in a coffee shop. A cup of nice tea and a book and the sounds of people around me.

I prefer to read my books in English so sometime the choices are limited in Dutch bookshops. Van der Veld Books in Leeuwarden has a large selection so I was spoiled for choice. Normally I gravitate towards History fiction of non fiction. Somehow this book draw my attention.

It is not that strange to gravitate towards a book about stuff in my decluttering journey. The tagline says: “Possesions, obsessions and the mess we leave behind”

I took me a while to finish the book. Just because it ticked some emotional boxes for me. A well written and researched book. I think it will be recognizable for almost everyone. The things we take with us in life and the why.

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Started reading 1 feb 2019

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