Project painting the night stand

Springtime has entered Holland so my window for DIY projects outside has opened. I do not have a shed to work in (jet). So I make due with the space I have got and the weather we get.

This year started with project night stand which has been waiting for about 6 years. I started by sanding the whole thing down with my trusted Black and Decker mouse and good old elbow grease. The plan was to use chalk paint from the local budget store Action. After about 30 minutes is was apparent the night stand had been oiled somewhere in it life. And this oil was working its way to the surface. So old/ antique furniture needs a base coat. Lesson 1 learned.

After spray painting the stand with normal white spray paint and letting it dry I came to the conclusion I do not like to look and feel of chalk paint. Lesson 2 learned. So all the chalky bits needed to be sanded down.

After this tour of sanding it. I took a step back and together with my dearest we decided, we liked the distressed look of it for now. We could always apply the last coat of paint when we get tired of this look. I

What did I Use:


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