2020, the time for change.

2020, it is the 15th of October today. The last 6 months have been…. a dumpster fire, a pandemic catastrophy, a what the piiieeep is going on year so far. Yesterday the Dutch government announced an other lockdown.

At this point I can do a number of things. Hide in a corner (like I feel I have been doing the last 6 mounts) or start creating again, and make use of the time I have at home to create something I have been wanting to do for a long time.

As you can see I choose to start something. To record my efforts to get in shape, eat more healthy, consume more healthy information instead of watching YouTube (Like old fashioned tv it gets boring at a fast pace. A few channels stay relevant to me.

This site will be a record of what I learn about all kinds of things, what I read, news and information I want to know more about, what I eat, and a accountability for moving my but more (so it can shrik a bit)

And with this Site/Blog and my instagram I hope to inspire people and find my tribe.

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