Here we go.

49 years ago I was born in the Dutch city of Cheese. 365 days to go until I am 50 years old.

365 day’s to build the life I want to life. Make the changes to create a simpler and less stressed existence. 365 day’s to create the things I want to create. 365 day’s of living with less and sharing the process.

I started on Instagram a while ago. Time to create a independent place on the world wide web. A place to store my favorite budget tips, places, recipes and book so I do not have to store the physical ones and I can reduce my possessions to de downsizing I want to do this year.

The current state of the world and health is an other hurdle to take. The hurdle reminding me of things don’t have to be larger than life to be a gem to have experienced. The thing I would love to do in foreign countries I can do in the city’s and countryside of Holland.

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